2019-10-31  Jérôme BenoitSpell fix. master
2018-10-07  Jérôme Benoitfix more signed integer issues.
2018-10-07  Jerome Benoitfix a signed integer issue.
2018-03-02  Jérôme BenoitRefine a bit .cquery and .gitignore.
2018-03-02  Jérôme BenoitAdd .cquery configuration file.
2018-03-02  Jérôme BenoitMerge branch 'master' of
2017-12-15  Jerome BenoitRefine .gitignore
2017-11-19  Jérôme BenoitDefault to release compilation type.
2017-09-04  Jerome BenoitRefine .gitignore
2017-09-03  Jerome BenoitUse a variable for DLL archive MIME type.
2017-09-02  Jérôme BenoitMore functions commented.
2017-08-30  Jérôme BenoitStart functions documentation.
2017-08-24  Jérôme BenoitMerge branch 'master' of
2017-08-24  Jérôme BenoitFix a comment
2017-08-23  Jerome BenoitCast a malloc returned type to silence a warning
2017-08-23  Jérôme BenoitCode cleanup on the shot validation path
2017-08-23  Jérôme BenoitFinalize the implementation of the playable shots list... playable_shots
2017-08-23  Jérôme BenoitSimplify the debugging functions
2017-08-21  Jérôme BenoitProperly nullify a debug function.
2017-08-21  Jérôme BenoitImprove the debug printing function:
2017-08-21  Jérôme BenoitImplement some basic debug printing function.
2017-06-06  Jérôme BenoitWhite space cleanup
2017-06-06  Jerome BenoitWhite space cleanup and some constification
2017-06-03  Jérôme BenoitSmall indentation beautification
2017-06-03  Jérôme BenoitRefine .gitignore for Mac OS X
2017-06-03  Jérôme BenoitAdd Mac OS X support to the buildsystem
2017-06-03  Jérôme BenoitAdd WIP on the playable shots list displaying
2017-05-05  Jérôme BenoitMerge branch 'master' into playable_shots
2017-05-05  Jérôme BenoitOne more indentation fixlet
2017-05-05  Jérôme BenoitFix some indentation and typo issues
2017-05-05  Jérôme BenoitImplement the helper functions needed to list the playb...
2017-05-04  Jérôme BenoitPolish the UI:
2017-05-04  Jérôme BenoitProperly implement the validation of a shot and reverse...
2017-04-28  Jérôme BenoitImplement :
2017-04-28  Jérôme BenoitCode cleanup and fix the logic behind the player consta...
2017-04-27  Jérôme BenoitFix an off-by-one on the pawn 2D array indexes.
2017-04-26  Jérôme BenoitAdd the basic code to make othello playable without...
2017-04-25  Jérôme BenoitFix to the const definition
2017-04-25  Jérôme BenoitImplement the othello board printing
2017-04-24  Jérôme BenoitAdd the basic code structure and build system
2017-04-24  Jérôme BenoitFinish the top down analysis
2017-04-24  Jérôme BenoitAdd the top down analysis