descriptionHUGo Polytech'Marseille WebApp project code: an airplanes company site
ownerJérôme Benoit
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2018-01-25  Jérôme BenoitChange the color scheme to be more IHM rules compliant. master
2018-01-21  Jérôme BenoitAdd the database schema.
2018-01-21  Jérôme BenoitCode cleanups and comments
2018-01-20  Jérôme BenoitAdd some code documentation skeletons and comment some...
2018-01-20  Jérôme BenoitAvoid also to modify a full flight.
2018-01-20  Jérôme BenoitMake the reservation(s) code more readable.
2018-01-20  Jérôme BenoitAvoid the booking of full fligths.
2018-01-20  Jérôme BenoitFix the flight reservation with a return cinematic.
2018-01-20  Jérôme BenoitFix the SQL for reservations class modification.
2018-01-19  Jérôme BenoitPolish the reservation modification code.
2018-01-19  Jérôme BenoitAdd the reservation modification feature.
2018-01-19  Jérôme BenoitAdd password change feature.
2018-01-18  Jérôme BenoitAdd return flight booking cinematic and personal inform...
2018-01-17  Jérôme BenoitFixlets to today coding session.
2018-01-17  Jérôme BenoitRefine the fligth search:
2018-01-17  Jérôme BenoitCosmetic iand spell fixes.
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