descriptionLast FOSS code of SugarCubes -
ownerJérôme Benoit
last changeWed, 2 Apr 2014 00:35:30 +0000 (17:35 -0700)
2014-04-02  Mark SleeFix point size, window machines make awful huge squares master
2014-03-29  Micah Elizabeth... Fixed networking performance in OPC server
2014-03-27  Mark SleeFocus fix on ItemList from LX
2014-03-27  Mark SleeNew LX fixes FlashEffect bug
2014-03-27  Mark SleePandaboard support for new 15-cubes in tandem with...
2014-03-26  Mark SleeNew LX UI
2014-03-08  Micah Elizabeth... Fix overflow if more than two frames are queued
2014-03-08  Micah Elizabeth... First cut at an Open Pixel Control server
2014-03-08  Micah Elizabeth... Merge branch 'processing-2'
2014-03-07  Mark SleeVersion of LX library with ddf minim audio libraries...
2014-03-07  Mark SleeNew grizzly mappings
2014-03-07  Mark SleeMapping existing layout
2014-03-07  Mark SleeSwitch to threaded mode by default, run engine at 120FPS
2014-03-07  Mark SleeSet point size, re-comment drawBox()
2014-03-07  Mark SleeFix key/mouse interactivity in processing 2
2014-03-05  Ben MorrowNow with shader language and many fps
5 years ago master