2018-04-11  Jérôme Benoitexo4: fix a typo.
2018-04-11  Jérôme BenoitAdd exo9 code.
2018-04-11  Jérôme Benoitexo8: fixlets
2018-04-11  Jérôme BenoitAdd exo8 code.
2018-04-11  Jérôme BenoitAdd exo4 missing bits and exo10 code.
2018-04-11  Jérôme BenoitAdd exo10 code.
2018-04-11  Jérôme Benoitexo7: add cookies handling code.
2018-04-10  Jérôme Benoitexo7: fix to the form cinematic.
2018-04-10  Jérôme BenoitAdd exo7 code.
2018-04-10  Jérôme BenoitAdd exo6 code.
2018-04-10  Jérôme BenoitAdd exo5 code.
2018-04-10  Jérôme BenoitAdd exo4 code.
2018-04-10  Jérôme Benoitexo3: question 3 code.
2018-04-10  Jérôme Benoitexo3: add question 2 code.
2018-04-10  Jérôme BenoitAdd exo3 first question.
2018-04-09  Jérôme BenoitAdd the first two exercices.