2018-02-09  Jérôme BenoitInclude everything in the same class.
2018-02-09  Jérôme BenoitFix the Liste code to not be a linked list of ordered...
2018-02-08  Jérôme BenoitMinor code cleanups.
2018-02-08  Jérôme BenoitFixlet to .gitignore.
2018-02-08  Jérôme BenoitAdd ordered simply linked list exercice code.
2018-02-08  Jérôme BenoitAdd code skeleton for the Listes exercice.
2018-02-08  Jérôme BenoitAdd some javadoc comments.
2018-02-08  Jérôme BenoitMake javadoc work.
2018-02-08  Jérôme BenoitAdress a FIXME on duplicated values insertion.
2018-02-07  Jérôme BenoitMore Makefiles cleanup.
2018-02-07  Jérôme BenoitMakefiles cleanup.
2018-02-07  Jérôme BenoitAdd Entiers code exercice.
2018-02-07  Jérôme BenoitProperly rename heap -> stack.
2018-02-07  Jérôme BenoitAdd the stack class exercice code.
2018-02-07  Jérôme BenoitAdd the HelloWord java code.