2014-12-01  Jérôme BenoitSimplify the upgrade path handling from PPA. master debian/1.9.6-1ubuntu2
2014-12-01  Jérôme BenoitFix upgrade path.
2014-12-01  Jérôme BenoitUpdate changelog for release. debian/1.9.6-1ubuntu1
2014-12-01  Jérôme BenoitUpdate debian package to libnfs 1.9.6.
2014-12-01  Jérôme BenoitMerge branch 'upstream'
2014-12-01  Jérôme BenoitMerge tag 'libnfs-1.9.6' of upstream upstream/1.9.6
2014-11-25  Ronnie SahlbergNew version 1.9.6
2014-11-04  Stefan BlankeIssue READIRPLUS calls with a sensible dircount maxcoun...
2014-09-14  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #100 from rosslagerwall/access-improve
2014-09-14  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs: Add access2()
2014-09-14  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs: Give correct access() results for directories
2014-09-11  Ronnie SahlbergREADME.win32.txt: delete this obsolete file
2014-08-16  Ronnie Sahlbergsolaris: we need -lsocket and -lnsl for all builds...
2014-08-16  Ronnie Sahlbergtypes: remove the [u_]quad type and replace with [u...
2014-08-16  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #99 from mheijkoop/fuse-nfs-usage
2014-08-16  Marlies HeijkoopPrint usage when missing mandatory arguments
2014-08-16  Marlies HeijkoopFix usage message to match expected arguments
2014-08-15  Ronnie Sahlbergfix linebreak in README
2014-08-15  Ronnie Sahlbergsocket.c: we need netinet/in.h on some platforms
2014-08-11  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #97 from rosslagerwall/read-close...
2014-08-11  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #96 from rosslagerwall/enotempty
2014-08-11  Mike Frysingerfix implicit decls of rpc_{g,s}et_error
2014-08-11  Mike Frysingerfix typo in chmod funcs
2014-08-11  Mike Frysingerfix implicit decl warnings
2014-08-10  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs: Don't perform operations on nfsfh after user...
2014-08-08  Ross LagerwallMap NFS3ERR_NOTEMPTY to ENOTEMPTY
2014-08-07  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs: Fix segfault if O_TRUNC fails when creating
2014-08-02  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #92 from rosslagerwall/symlink-resol...
2014-07-27  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs: Add lchmod
2014-07-27  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs: Add lutimes
2014-07-27  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs: Add lstat
2014-07-27  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs: Add lchown
2014-07-27  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs.c: Follow symlinks during path resolution
2014-07-27  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs.c: Fix a warning
2014-07-24  Balint ReczeyFinalize changelog
2014-07-24  Balint ReczeyReally fix FTBFS on kFreeBSD/Hurd by back-porting fix
2014-07-24  Balint ReczeyStart working on new upload
2014-07-24  Balint ReczeyFinalize changelog debian/1.9.5-1
2014-07-24  Balint ReczeyMerge tag 'upstream/1.9.5'
2014-07-24  Balint ReczeyImported Upstream version 1.9.5 upstream/1.9.5
2014-07-24  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #90 from rosslagerwall/stat-improvements
2014-07-20  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs: Add fstat64, analagous to stat64
2014-07-20  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs: Set as much stat information as possible
2014-07-20  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #89 from rosslagerwall/create-trunc
2014-07-20  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs.h: Update open() flags docs
2014-07-20  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs.c: Handle OOM condition
2014-07-20  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs.c: Support use of O_TRUNC with nfs_create
2014-07-19  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #88 from rosslagerwall/76-no-autorec...
2014-07-19  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #86 from rosslagerwall/75-create
2014-07-19  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #87 from rbalint/master
2014-07-19  Ronnie SahlbergNew version 1.9.5
2014-07-19  Petr SalingerUse sockaddr_in6 instead of sockaddr6_in
2014-07-19  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs.c: Fix autoreconnect
2014-07-18  Jonathan McCrohanUpdate watchfile to fix Github breakage
2014-07-18  Balint ReczeyAdd myself to uploaders
2014-07-18  Balint ReczeyStart working on next upload
2014-07-17  Ross Lagerwalllibnfs.c: add nfs_create
2014-07-13  Ronnie SahlbergRPC: include libnfs-zdr.h from all raw libnfs-raw-...
2014-07-13  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #85 from rsahlberg/remove-zhr.h...
2014-07-05  Ronnie SahlbergZDR: remove dependency on zdr.h from the examples and...
2014-07-05  Ronnie SahlbergRPC: get rid of bool_t
2014-07-05  Ronnie SahlbergRPC: get rid of references to SCVXPRT
2014-07-05  Ronnie SahlbergRPC: get rid of all references to CLIENT
2014-06-30  Ritesh Raj... update changelog and prepare release debian/1.9.4-1
2014-06-30  Ritesh Raj... Add myself for packaging copyright and some minor tweaks
2014-06-30  Ritesh Raj... Update debian/copyright with MIT/X11 (BSD Like) license
2014-06-30  Ritesh Raj... Add Breaks instead of Conflicts
2014-06-30  Ritesh Raj... Update symbols
2014-06-30  Ritesh Raj... Imported Upstream version 1.9.4 upstream/1.9.4
2014-06-30  Ritesh Raj... Merge tag 'upstream/1.9.4'
2014-06-29  Ronnie SahlbergNew version 1.9.4
2014-06-29  Ronnie Sahlberglibnfs.c: Change the directory cache to a smaller more...
2014-06-29  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #82 from plieven/readahead
2014-06-23  Peter Lievenadd readahead support
2014-06-14  Ronnie Sahlbergupdate copyright bilerplates also in generated files
2014-06-08  Ritesh Raj... Add versioned conflict/replace
2014-06-08  Ronnie Sahlberglibnfs.c: add nlink to nfsdirent so we can get it for...
2014-06-08  Ronnie Sahlberglibnfs.c: add a simple dircache to libnfs
2014-06-08  Ronnie Sahlberglibnfs.c: always pass the attributes to the callback...
2014-06-08  Ronnie Sahlbergwin32_errnowrapper.h: add licence boilerplate
2014-06-08  Ronnie Sahlbergaros: add licence to aros_compat.h
2014-06-08  Ronnie Sahlbergproto files: add a simplified bsd licence to the dot...
2014-06-08  Ronnie Sahlberginit.c: fixup the mangled lgplv2.1 boilerplate
2014-06-08  Ronnie Sahlberginit.c: use list macro when removing pdus from the...
2014-06-08  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #79 from plieven/readahead
2014-06-08  Peter Lievensocket: fix broken connect for non broadcast traffic
2014-06-07  Ritesh Raj... Add Conflicts against libnfs1
2014-06-04  Ritesh Raj... Upload to unstable debian/1.9.3-3
2014-05-27  Ritesh Raj... Update changelog and prepare for release to experimental debian/1.9.3-2
2014-05-27  Ritesh Raj... Add version symbols file
2014-05-27  Ritesh Raj... Honor SO version number and package naming convention
2014-05-15  Ronnie Sahlbergslist.h: Change SLIST_* to LIBNFS_LIST_* to avoid name...
2014-05-15  Ronnie Sahlbergdocs: add a prebuilt manpage to the distribution
2014-04-19  Ronnie SahlbergMerge pull request #74 from alexsn/master
2014-04-19  Alex Snastnfs-ls: Fix crash when called with no arguments
2014-04-18  Ronnie Sahlbergnfs_open: add support for O_APPEND
2014-04-15  Ritesh Raj... update changelog debian/1.9.3-1
2014-04-15  Ritesh Raj... Specify copyright format version
2014-04-15  Ritesh Raj... Take maintenance for libnfs
2014-04-15  Ritesh Raj... Add dh-autoreconf as build-dependency