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2017-09-04  Jerome BenoitMakefile: Use a variable for DLL archive targets.
2017-09-04  Jerome BenoitRefine .gitignore.
2017-09-03  Jerome BenoitUse a variable for DLL MIME type.
2017-08-24  Jerome BenoitReorder functions list.
2017-08-24  Jerome BenoitSpell fix in comment.
2017-08-24  Jerome BenoitMove callback functions into the same file
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2017-06-03  Jérôme BenoitTP_13 exo1: Also use the brand new builsystem that...
2017-06-03  Jerome BenoitTP_13: Fix the Cygwin support in the buildsystem
2017-06-03  Jérôme BenoitTP_13: Fix the clean target for Mac OS X
2017-06-03  Jérôme BenoitTP_13: Port the buildsystem to Mac OS X
2017-05-12  Jerome BenoitTP_13 exo2: filter out the local library name for cygwi...
2017-05-07  Jérôme BenoitAdd TP_4
2017-05-06  Jérôme BenoitTP13 exo2: Remove FIXME comments that have been addressed.
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