2014-11-26  Jérôme Benoit* Fix a typo in the dpkg changelog. master debian/0.9.0-8_trusty
2014-11-26  Jérôme BenoitThe new version of the debian package. debian/0.9.0-7_trusty
2014-11-26  Jérôme BenoitFixlets to debian package build rules.
2014-11-26  Jérôme BenoitMerge branch 'upstream'
2014-11-26  Jérôme BenoitMister the cleaner. upstream upstream/0.9.0
2014-11-26  Jérôme BenoitMake use of debian helper for autoreconf.
2014-11-26  Jérôme BenoitMerge branch 'upstream'
2014-11-26  Jérôme BenoitThe final cleanup ...
2014-11-26  Jérôme BenoitRefresh the patches list.
2014-11-26  Jérôme BenoitMerge branch 'upstream'
2014-11-26  Jérôme BenoitCleanup some more upstream ...
2014-11-26  Jérôme BenoitMore cleanup ...
2014-11-26  Jérôme BenoitMerge branch 'upstream'
2014-11-25  Jérôme BenoitFix up more conflicts.
2014-11-25  Jérôme BenoitMerge branch 'master' of
2014-11-25  Jérôme BenoitClean up the mess.
2014-11-25  Jérôme BenoitClean up the mess in the upstream branch.
2014-11-25  wsnipexImported Debian patch 0.9.0-6~trusty debian/0.9.0-6_trusty
2014-11-25  Jérôme BenoitImported Upstream version 0.9.0
2014-04-22  Juho Vähä-HerttuaIPV6_V6ONLY set by default on win32
2014-04-22  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd DLL building support to autotools scripts
2014-03-25  Juho Vähä-HerttuaUpdate README
2014-03-25  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd some compatibility defines to dnssd.c.
2014-03-24  Juho Vähä-HerttuaDo not give IPv4 any special treatment in httpd code
2014-03-24  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd a clarifying comment to the last commit
2014-03-24  Juho Vähä-HerttuaMake password authentication work on iTunes again,...
2014-03-24  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd more informative error message
2014-03-24  Juho Vähä-HerttuaFix #23 on issue tracker.
2014-03-24  Juho Vähä-HerttuaDouble the RAOP_BUFFER_LENGTH to avoid stuttering
2014-02-26  Juho Vähä-HerttuaClean up a series of ifs, remove redundant processing.
2014-02-26  Juho Vähä-HerttuaPrevent a memory leak in digest.c
2013-12-30  Juho Vähä-HerttuaUpdate README
2013-12-27  Sebastian KrysmanskiFixed and documented example.c
2013-08-08  Juho Vähä-HerttuaUpdate command line util documentation
2013-08-08  Juho Vähä-HerttuaRemove some unused variables
2013-08-08  Juho Vähä-HerttuaMake hwaddr configurable from the command line
2013-07-30  Juho Vähä-HerttuaRemove client_name libao option, it might cause problems
2013-04-29  Juho Vähä-HerttuaUpdate README
2013-04-17  Memphiz[fix] - compilation with visual studio
2013-04-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaSymbol exporting related fixes in automake scripts
2013-04-14  Juho Vähä... Add some more logging to authentication
2013-04-14  Juho Vähä... Remove some redundant code from shairplay CLI
2013-04-14  Juho Vähä... Make the password option work on shairplay CLI
2013-04-10  Juho Vähä-HerttuaClean up the autotools scripts a bit
2013-04-09  Juho Vähä-HerttuaUpdate licensing information
2013-04-09  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd indentation to src/
2013-04-09  Juho Vähä-HerttuaChange the Ubuntu libdns_sd package name to be correct
2013-04-09  Juho Vähä... Remove dnssd_register_airplay that was accidentally...
2013-04-09  Juho Vähä... Add supported flags to the README
2013-04-09  Juho Vähä... Add signal handlers to shairplay to make it shut down...
2013-04-09  Juho Vähä... Make shairplay not exit after 100 seconds
2013-04-09  Juho Vähä... Add installation and usage instructions
2013-04-09  Juho Vähä... Some clarifications in the
2013-04-09  Juho Vähä... Print error if dnssd library not available
2013-04-07  Juho Vähä... Add a LICENSE file and cleanup a bit
2013-04-07  Juho Vähä... Rename README to and add a disclaimer
2013-03-31  Juho Vähä... Add libtool versioning rules to relevant
2013-03-31  Juho Vähä... Disconnect the HTTP connection on unrecoverable error
2013-03-31  Juho Vähä... Do not crash to assertion failure on unknown audio...
2013-03-31  Juho Vähä... Only accept first rtpmap and fmtp (assume they are...
2013-03-31  Juho Vähä... Pass on rtpmap to raop_buffer in order to add AAC suppo...
2013-03-23  Ville RankiGive errors instead of crashing if dnssd service init...
2013-03-20  Ville RankiFix compilation on gcc => 4.7.0 by including unistd.h
2013-01-10  Juho Vähä... Patch the new http_parser to support RTSP requests...
2013-01-10  Juho Vähä... Update the Joyent http_parser.c to version 2.0, cleanup...
2013-01-10  Juho Vähä... Add more debugging information to httpd.c
2013-01-10  Juho Vähä... Add autotools files we do not want to commit to .gitignore
2012-11-25  Juho Vähä-HerttuaClose server sockets on shutdown, thanks to Memphiz...
2012-10-18  Juho Vähä... Make shairplay.c sample application compile with latest...
2012-05-31  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd checks for required libraries
2012-05-31  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd autotools build scripts and new shairplay program
2012-05-31  Juho Vähä-HerttuaRemove the SCons build scripts and move include directory
2012-05-31  Juho Vähä-HerttuaMove the RSA key to the beginning of file in python...
2012-05-31  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd log methods to Qt4 API, not implemented yet
2012-05-31  Juho Vähä-HerttuaUpdate Qt4 bindings to match the latest API
2012-05-31  Juho Vähä-HerttuaUpdate python bindings to the latest API version
2012-05-31  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd error pointer to raop_init, today API breaks in...
2012-05-31  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd cls pointer to the logger
2012-05-27  Juho Vähä-HerttuaSimplify the set_log_callback, it is better for thread...
2012-05-26  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd log level and callback functions to the python...
2012-05-19  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd license headers to Qt4 bindings
2012-05-19  Juho Vähä-HerttuaFix the Qt4 bindings and link to libshairport dynamically
2012-05-19  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd libdl support to dnssd.c for lazy linking
2012-05-19  Juho Vähä-HerttuaCreate one QThread per one C thread
2012-05-19  Juho Vähä-HerttuaStart writing the Qt4 bindings
2012-05-18  Juho Vähä-HerttuaUpdate the python bindings to the latest API version
2012-05-17  Juho Vähä-HerttuaSet default logging level to warning
2012-05-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaDo not check for httpd->server_fd6 if it is not initialized
2012-05-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAttempt to fix the IPv4/IPv6 problems once and for all
2012-05-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAttempt to make a temporary fix for Vista/Win7
2012-05-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaMake the maximum number of clients configurable
2012-05-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaHandle volume change with an explicit flag
2012-05-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd log level and log callback support to the RAOP API
2012-05-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaState more clearly in README that LGPLv3 is allowed
2012-05-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaMake compilation to win32 work with winmm library
2012-05-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd full metadata and coverart support to the library
2012-05-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaPass metadata and coverart to the RTP thread
2012-05-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd support for receiving iTunes streams back, got...
2012-05-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd metadata checking of SET_PARAMETERS to RAOP handler
2012-05-16  Juho Vähä-HerttuaAdd the STDCALL definition just to be sure